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Home Inspector serving Green Bay, Appleton and all of NE Wisconsin

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Thermal imaging included in every home inspection!

Are you seeing the whole picture?     Plumbing leaks and electrical problems aren't always in plain sight.  Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC utilizes the latest technology to verify any potential moisture or electrical issues that may be found during a home inspection.  

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Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC
6689 Cheyenne Dr 
Abrams, WI 54101

Home Inspection Services

WI. License# 3042-106


     Welcome to the new Safeguard Home Inspection Website and Blog page.  As a home inspector, I take home inspections very seriously and you should too. Gone are the days when your uncle or your dad would walk through your intended purchase and give you their opinion about how to wallpaper and paint those pesky areas that look old or worn. Home inspectors are held to a higher standard in the state of Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is one of a handful of states that requires a state issued license to conduct paid home inspections.  Wisconsin home inspectors are required to pass a national and state test prior to receiving licensing in our state, along with a requirement of 40 hrs. of ongoing education to renew a home inspection license.   

     As a home inspector in the Green Bay area, and a lifelong resident of Northeast Wisconsin, it is important to understand how our local weather and temperature differences affect the components of a home.  Extreme hot and cold temperatures, along with wind, rain and snow, are constantly testing the structure and and exterior systems of a home.  Small gaps and exposed wood framing materials are vulnerable to the elements.  A thorough home inspection will identify areas that are in need of improvement, repair, or replacement.  Interior air quality and efficiency are directly affected by the condition of the exterior components.  Excess moisture and air infiltration drive up heating and cooling costs, and reduce the comfort levels in the home.


    We approach every home inspection with the understanding that our customers have varying degrees of knowledge about the systems of a home, and take extra time, if necessary, to ensure that you understand the condition of all aspects of the interior and exterior components.  Safeguard Home Inspection utilizes the latest technology to provide it's customers with assurance that we have left no stone un-turned.  Thermal imaging, Co detector, gas leak detectors, and moisture meters are just a few of the tools that are used in a typical Green Bay home inspection, but the most important tools that a home inspector can bring to an inspection is his/her own curiosity and willingness to investigate and provide answers to common, and not so common problems. I conduct every home inspection as if it was for my own family, and for that reason, you will get my best effort. If you are buying or selling a home in Green Bay, Appleton, or anywhere in NE Wisconsin, contact us today, and let us show you the value we provide!   


    It is our hope and intention in the days and months ahead we can provide you with valuable information and helpful tips that will help you, our valued customer, keep and maintain the most important purchase of your life in tip top shape for many years to come. From roofs and foundations to heating and cooling systems, we will provide you with pertinent information to allow you to feel comfortable in performing the regular maintenance of your home. So check back often for our tips and suggestions, and when you think home inspection, in Green Bay, Appleton, and NE Wisconsin, please think Safeguard Home Inspection.

 -Buyer's Inspection- 

      First time home buyer friendly

      Highly rated in customer service and quality reporting

      Digital reporting with pictures, delivered the day of inspection

      Competitive pricing (Based on size and age) 


 -Pre Listing Inspection-

      Correcting problems before the sale assures a stress free transaction

      Great marketing tool for potential buyers

      Allows extra time to gather estimates for any repairs that may be needed.


-Maintenance Inspection-

      Find minor problems before they turn in to major repairs

      Organize an annual maintenance plan



Service area includes: Green Bay, Appleton, Darboy, Menasha, Kaukauna, Wrightstown, Depere, Hobart, Pulaski, Suamico, Little Suamico, Abrams, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Gillette, Suring, Crivitz, Wausaukee, Marinette, Menominee, Peshtigo, Lena, Coleman, Bellevue, Hobart and all of NE Wisconsin.

Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC

6689 Cheyenne Dr

Abrams, WI 54101

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Safeguard Home Inspection, LLC.  Home inspector near me, Green Bay, WI home inspection, Appleton, WI home inspector
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